Puissance Plus is the leader in the design and manufacturing of energy conversion systems and power electronic equipment.

We propose innovative, high-range, reliable and accurate programmable power solutions in AC, DC, AC+DC. They can be standard or made according to your specifications. 

Our know-how in linear and switching technologies allows us to fulfill accurately your technical requests:

  • Fast transient response
  • Regulation accuracy
  • High starting current
  • Low noise
  • Low output impedance
  • Low distorsion
  • Large bandwidth
  • High power density
  • ...

Our experience in the generation, absorption and measures in low and high power allows us to test or simulate all types of generators, power sources and charges for laboratory, production and embedded applications.

Thus, we have developed various ranges or products:

  • Programmable power supplies
  • Bidirectional power supplies
  • Accurate sources
  • Current generators
  • Electronic loads
  • Current and voltage amplifiers
  • 4 quadrants amplifiers
  • Data acquisition processor
  • Current sensors