For ABD100 and DO160 aviation standards edited by aircrafts manufacturers, we design power sources in accordance with the requirements of such standards.

the first certificied ABD100 test bench has been designed by Puissance Plus. Indeed, for many years, we have proposed solutions to simulate standards simulation with a library associated with an AC/DC amplifier. It was not really the good way to generate ABD100 and DO160 standards.

Nowadays, our product PCU-ABD100-AB has been designed by our R&D department with specifications and features to make tests according to Airbus ABD 100 requirements to supply 28Vdc, 270Vdc, 115Vac, 230Vdc up to 800Hz equipments.

Test bench is composed by 4 signal generation stages with independant hardware : an AC source, a DC source, a low frequency generator and distortion measuement. Connections between stages allows AC, DC, AC+DC and superimposed LF signals.

  • up to 900 kVA
  • 1 or 3 phases
  • rogrammable frequency 320 up to 800 Hz
  • 0,1% of accuracy
  • rise time < 50 us
  • superimposed transiant signals :
    • up to 15 Vrms
    • between 700Hz and 150kHz
  • Ipeak = 4 Inom during 100ms
  • spike generation for spark lightning simulatio in option

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