Our "PA" amplifiers are real AC+DC 4 quadrants amplifiers realized to sastisfy all none-linear load conditions in the industry with a low harmonic distortion. Various application fields: 

  • Grid and smart grid simulation
  • Current simulation
  • Voltage simulation
  • Electric engine simulation
  • EMC test
  • Battery test
  • Immunity test
  • Test instrument calibration
  • Electric components test

Moreover, the new environment restrictions to reduce CO2 emmision pusches reaserch, development and production of new technology for the electric vehicle. Our 4Q amplifiers allow to test and simulate all equipment of the electric power train :

  • STOP & START alternator
  • DC Motors
  • AC/DC reversible converter
  • Li-Ion battery
  • Ultracap / Supercap
  • 600VA / 1000VA / 2000VA / 3000VA / 5000VA / 10kVA / 20kVA / 24 kVA

Technical data sheet ref. FT-PA V10

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