Arbitrary programable power supply

"ABOS" DC programmable power supplies are designed to offer very high perfomance with our linear technology. The accuracy, the high speed transient response time, make "ABOS" DC power supplies the ideal solution for drastic test of batteries, engine, DC on board grid simulation, U/I curves generation for photovoltaic simulation. Our technology was developed by our engineers to generate high inrush current, short interruptions, spikes regardless the type of load : inductive, capacitive...

Performance and efficiency

Our DC programmable power supply is used for R&D but also in a production line thanks to the efficiency, reliability, speed, accuracy and regulation.

Moreover, available options were developed to satisfy all industry applications, and you can upgrade the system to obtain 2Q or 4Q Power supply or a wide bandwidth up to 50kHz.

  • 600W / 1000W / 1500W / 2000W / 3000W / 4000W / 5000W / 6000W
  • 10kW / 15kW / 20kW / 50kW
  • 15V / 50V / 100V / 200V / 300V / 400V / 500V / 600V
  • 0 à 5000A
  • Rise and fall time < 200µs,
  • I inrush : 2.In during 100ms; 4.In during 50ms
  • Arbitrary function generator
  • Bandwidth 1 kHz / 10kHz in option up to 50kHz on demand
  • Power sink option 10%, 20%, 30%, 50%, 100%
  • Double range
  • Precision measurment
  • Polarity inversion option
  • Photovoltaic simlation