Electric vehicle is moving. The development of new technologies related to electric vehicle allows Puissance Plus to demonstrate its expertise to meet the new requirements of the automotive industry. Indeed, our experience in the field of aviation grid simulation allows us to transcribe all our know-how in the field of automotive electrical network.

Puissance Plus offers high-range, accurate and fast power electronic systems which can simulate and test all the components of the electric drivetrain under severe conditions in laboratory, production or embedded:



Automatic tests solutions

Our experience in power generation, absorption, measurements and software development allows us to design turnkey test benches and solutions for:

  • Energy storage systems:
  • Li-ion battery
  • Hot battery
  • Supercapacitors and ultracapacitors
  • Fuel cell
  • ...
  • Reversible AC/DC converters
  • Power cables and connectors
  • Electric engine up to 400kW
  • Stop'n Start alternators

Real-time simulation

If you use D-space, TestStand, VeryStand or Opal-RT systems, you will find below our products which can be associated to yours: 

  • Programmable AC sources
  • Programmable DC sources
  • Bidirectional or 2 quadrants power supplies
  • AC, DC, AC+DC electronic loads
  • Power analyzer
  • 4 quadrants amplifiers
  • Voltage and current amplifiers

Products and services which could interest you: