Our multichannel data-acquisition unit called "PDA-4000" has an exceptional computing power. Each board makes a complete analysis of the signal on each period and calculates the implied parameters (RMS, THD, amplitude harmonics phase). So it is possible to keep the curves of the calculated parameters period after period with no time limit.

Real-time calculated parameters :

  • RMS, THD, Frequency
  • Harmonics up to 512 row, amplitude and phase
  • P, Q, S, PF for the two channels of the same card and for a group of cards

At the same time, raw data are registered on the card then transfered to the control computer. Ethernet Gabarits link, present on each card, allows to extend the record time up to the hard disk.

A single TRIGGER system, with an pre-and-post trigger, guarantees that the event you are searching will be analysed, recorded and dated if IrigB signal is available.

TRIGGER set up is complex but can be easier thanks to a graphical interface using logical doors in order to make the equation which will trigg the registration. 

All the parameters, raw data or calculated values, can be taken into account in the TRIGGER equation. This applies to all the cards, including numerical channels.




  • Simultaneous aquisitions from 2 to 20 channels + 32 nuemrical channels
  • 1.5 MS/s - 16 bits
  • Memory: 1 Gech./carte in situ
  • Transfert to the PC through ETHERNET GIGABITS
  • Dynamic FFT
  • WATTMETRE function
  • IrigB datation
  • Network analyser
  • Dynamic FFT calculation on each period of the signal
  • Return of the calculated parameters (THD, RMS, Power...)
  • Synchronous mode(1024ppp) for an extrem accuracy
  • Multi-parameters TRIGGER, multi-equations


The signal slaving function guarantees that each period will be sampled by a number of 2n points, between 64 and 1024ppp.

The result is a FFT without frames and a maximum accuracy. Then, the system calculates the associated physical units for each period (Vrms, Irms, P, Q, S, PF).

Technical characteristics:

input Différentielle ou directe
input voltage range 10.24V/5.12V/2.048V
Resolution 16 bits
Range accuracy 0,05% typique
Measures accuracy 0,05% typique
Number of analog inputs 20
Sample frequency Mode synchrone:1024ppp-256ppp-128ppp-64ppp
Sample frequency Mode asynchrone: 50Kech/s à 1Mech/s
Memory 1 Go/carte ( 2 voies ) extensible à 2 Go
Re-injection rate in common mode >80 dB
Spectrum level  ≤80 dB
Ripple rate DC à 150KHz +/- 0,5%
Phase error on fundamentals  

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