Our "PCH" frequency changers can generate, simply and at a low cost, a 50Hz / 60Hz / 400Hz pure sinusoidal waveform to simulate a single or three-phase terrestrial, aviation (civilian or  military) or naval network. The linear technology used allows an excellent accuracy and a low distorsion.

AC/AC frequency converters have a total insulation between input and output and a protection against overcurrent and overheating. 

PCH frequency changers are usually supplied in a rack format but they can be adapted, on request, for embedded applications.

Our frequency converters are often used in laboratory, production and for embedded applications in order to:

  • Simulate an aviation or naval network without distortion
  • Make accurate measurements of consumed powers
  • Test flight instrumentation in production
  • 600VA / 1000VA / 2000VA / 3000VA / 4000VA / 6000VA
  • 10kVA / 15kVA / 18kVA / 21kVA / 27kVA / 45kVA / 63kVA / 81kVA / 90KVA
  • 160kVA / 270kVA / 390kVA / 900kVA
  • 50Hz / 60Hz / 400Hz / 800Hz
  • 1 or 3 phases
  • 115V/230V (specific on request)

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