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    Puissance Plus proposes a large range of specific inverters and converters developed according to civilian and military aviation requirements: reliability, stability, accurate and pure output signal. We design energy conversion solutions for ground applications but also embedded application. Our power inverters allow us to prevent any perturbation you can meet on terrestrial or aviation networks:

    • Grid outage
    • Overvoltage
    • Voltage decrease
    • Voltage increase
    • Line noise
    • Frequency variation
    • Transitory distortion
    • Harmonics distortion
    • DO 160 qualification
    • DC input : 28/48/72/110/270/410
    • AC input : 110V 60Hz / 230V 50Hz
    • Output : 115V/230V - 50/60/400/800/1600Hz - +/- 270VDC
    • DO 160C : vibration, humidity, explosion
    • SiC technology

    Research and development

    Our experience and knowledge regarding SiC and GaN allow new development opportunities such as:

    • High temperature voltage inverter (300°C)
    • High temperature DC/DC inverter (300°C)
    • 600V monolithic converter
    • High efficiency and high accuracy converter

    We participate to differenct research programmes such as ClacSic, GAN... Puissance Plus' objective is to respond to the more and more complex needs in energy conversion, especially in the fields of:

    • Electric vehicle
    • All-electric plane
    • Railway


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