Now, Puissance Plus has a complete range of standard products and has obtained a renowned for 20 years thanks to the design and production of specific power equipments.







Puissance Plus has the capability to work in a large scale of applications wich need to control power, voltage, current, frequency according to your requirementspuissance to :

  • Generate
  • Absorb
  • Control
  • Convert
  • Transforme
  • Mesure
  • Analyse

Puissance Plus garantee a wide flexibility, reactivity and sustainability because we study, realise and produce :

  • Hardware
  • Firmware
  • Software
  • Intégration
  • Mecanic design
  • electronic PCB...

For 20 years our policy has limiter our supplier and control all the product conception.

So don't hesitate to send us your specifications, We adapt our technology and skill to our requirements and projects for lab, production, embedded civil or military applications.



  • AC, DC, AC+DC
  • 1200V and more
  • 1µA to 30 000A
  • 1MW and more
  • V,C,P,S,R regulation
  • 2 quadrants and 4 quadrants
  • DC to 300kHz bandwidth
  • Mono or multi channels
  • Response time
  • Programmable frequency DC to 50kHz

SOFTWARE development

  • LabView
  • LabWindows
  • TestStand
  • VeriStand
  • MatLab
  • C++
  • ...

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