PCU 2X9000 L 115V TRI EADS CASA AC0218 bisjpg

  • Aeronautic grid simulation
  • 50Hz/60Hz grid simulation
  • Electric engine simulation upt 300kW
  • Automated test equipment for power supply, inverter, converter...
  • Automated test for electrical vehicle supply equipment
  • Battery charge and discharge cycle
  • Electric safety device test equipment : relay, breaker, fuse, energy counter
  • Resistive, capacitive and inductive, passive and active load bench
  • photovoltaic inverter automated test equipment
  • SiC and Gan components test


  • AC, DC, AC+DC programmable power supply
  • AC and DC load
  • Voltage and current generator
  • Voltage and current amplifier
  • Voltage converter
  • Frequency converter
  • Arbitrary function generator
  • Over voltage and over current enerator
  • Harmonic synthetizer

Measurements and data acquisition

  • Impedance, voltage, current
  • Power, efficiency
  • Harmonic, distortion, phase
  • transient response, rise and fall time
  • waveshape and sequences
  • Spectral analyser

Our experience guarantees technical support and commitment on the following specialties:


  • Specific test benches
  • Advice and help to Hardware definition
  • Automatic test around OPS Software
  • Automatic test around TestStand and VerisStand Softwares
  • Drivers study and realization
  • Advice and help to Software development
  • Technical assistance on your premises
  • PC, GPIB, VME, PXI, VXI, Ethernet... integration
  • Modelling and simulation with Matlab/Simulink (dSpace)
  • Study and development of LavView, LabWindows/CVI, C, C++, Visual C++, Visual Basic, Active X
  • CAN, ARINC, GPIB, RS232, LAN... interfaces


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