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    With their common experience in various companies in power electronics, Messrs. Alexandre Bibikoff, Francis Delpech and Cyril Gagnepain created Puissance Plus in April 1993, which was initially installed at Nègrepelisse (82).

    The original idea was to work in power electronics, essentially in linear technology. The first steps were won because with a significant network simulator  made for EDF Clamart and a battery charge and discharge bench made for AEROSPACE Toulouse.

    With a mark of confidence given by these "Institutionals", the company quickly became recognized as a specialist in power electronics. Also boosted by a double-digit growth for many years, technological developments has been the directional vector of Puissance Plus.

    Over the years, this is evidenced by the development of different linear power blocks, a civil and embedded switching technology more and more strong, and the participation at different European research programs in various fields (electric aircraft, network simulator, avionics charge bench...) and many other topics.

    A second course was taken when Puissance Plus was no longer satisfied to provide only the "hardware". Indeed, the integration of embedded intelligence within its products allowed Puissance Plus to open new market shares. This began with the introduction of smart materials on process requiring reaction time and high-speed processing and to be today, for example, on HIL loops. Thus, Puissance Plus could answer to higher-scale requests.

    All these innovations have always been developed on own resources, which allowed our company to be very reactive. This is one of its greatest past and current strengths.

    The third development was our external growth. After 16 years of activities focused on Puissance Plus, the leaders decided to implement a strategy of acquisition of companies which are recognized in their field. This allows today to offer a complete solution or respond to various calls for tender still based on power electronics.

    The integration of these companies is now consolidated and allow an ambitious and creative dynamics to Puissance Plus Group.


    • 1993: date of creation of Puissance Plus.
    • 1996: the company moved to Montauban. Profitable in the early years, the leaders do not hesitate to hire and invest to meet the most prestigious customers. Always at the forefront of technology, the company won markets that promoted sustainable development.
    • 2001: 18 persons are employed and Puissance Plus continued its expansion by building its factory at Montauban. Boosted by regional activity (AIRBUS), it reached a 50% growth per year. At the same time, it adopted a quality department, and strengthened its engineering activities and expanded its field of competences (switching technology, current sensor, software, VHDL).
    • 2005: Puissance Plus priority is to develop a Quality Management System. 
    • October 2006: the company obtained ISO 9001:2000 certification.
    • 2008: Puissance Plus decided to invest in an ERP (Entreprise Ressource Planning): SYLOB7.
    • April 2009: firt modules are operational.
    • 2010: consistent with business strategy, the construction of a new production site is decided. Designed and built around an unifying concept such as ecology and sustainable development. In January 2012 Puissance Plus incorporated the new building. 
    • Today, the group is composed of about 100 employees all over France: MONTAUBAN, GRENOBLE, PARIS, TOULOUSE et STRASBOURG.