Energy conversion

Power electronic

Linear and switching technologies


Generation and absorption systems in AC, DC and AC + DC energy, low and high power, by providing:

  • Fast transient response
  • Accurate regulation
  • High reliability

Our objective is to simulate, generate, play and absorb sequences and tests being extremely restrictive in laboratory, R&D, production, embedded:

  • Micro-interruption, TCC weft, standards generation
  • Interruption, spike, flicker
  • Voltage gabarit generation
  • Start-up current inrush
  • Current gabarit generation
  • Harmonics superimposition
  • Electric arcs control
  • Standards tests

Our customers in aerospace, space, defense, railway and automotive need tools to validate each of their electronic equipment and good overall performance concerning consumption and electric power generation. We must provide them with customized solutions to address these complex issues.

Standard and customized products

The expertise of our design office and our  100% French manufacturing allow us to meet specific specifications and develop a range of referenced products such as:

  • DC programmable power supplies
  • AC programmable sources
  • AC+DC programmables sources
  • AC, DC, AC+DC electronic loads
  • AC+DC 4 quadrants amplifiers
  • AC current source
  • Frequency converter
  • ...

Automatic test solutions

Puissance Plus offers automatic test benches for laboratory applications and embedded products in line with new technologies related to renewable energy, energy efficiency, energy storage , electrical safety ...

We develop solutions in the following fields:

  • Electric vehicle
  • All-electric vehicle
  • Photovoltaic energy, wind wind and tidal powers
  • Batteries (Li-ion, Cd/Ni, Ag/Zn...)
  • Fuell cells
  • Low consumption lamps, LED, ballast lamps...
  • Smart Grid
  • Breakers
  • Disconnectors
  • Relays
  • ...