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Power electronics and energy conversion: all our solutions

- Tests of embedded or laboratories powers: following the new aeronautical requirements, Puissance Plus must be innovative and more efficient in the simulation of aeronautical systems.

Thus, Puissance Plus, who has developed skills and know-how, produces standard and customized systems for:


  • Network simulation according to ABD100 and D0160 standards
  • Generation of harmonics on a large frequency range
  • Generation of power-cuts and peaks
  • Testing charge and discharge of batteries, batteries simulation
  • Load benches such as the one we have realized for MOET program
  • AC+DC high current sensors with large bandwidth
  • DO160 embedded converters and inverters
  • Energy simulation, photovoltaic simulation and converters tests

Our technology ensuring high accuracy, signal quality, speed and low latency, allows us to integrate our solutions to test and simulation systems such as:

  • Real-Time
  • HIL and PHIL
  • Open loop and closed loop test benches
  • Electromechanical components
  • Flight tests

All-electric aircraft

Make all-electric aircraft more efficient is the main objective of aircraft manufacturers and their suppliers.

Embedded powers are more and more important, from 300kW up to 1MW within less than 10 years. ABD100 and DO160 standards are ever more stringent.

Puissance Plus offers equipment such as programmable power supplies, power sources and electronic loads for testing in laboratory conditions or embedded new electrical devices. Our systems are used to test and simulate the entire energy chain sources users: 

  • Primary distribution
  • Secondary distribution
  • Fast generator
  • Reversible storage network
  • Modular electric hearts
  • High temperature power bench
  • Electric pack and modular cooling
  • Low consumption frost protection 
  • Electromechanical actuator
  • Avionics bench
  • Cockpit power
  • Cabin network
  • APU electrical generation
  • Rudder
  • Pump
  • Air-brake
  • ...

Flight Test Installation-FTI

As part of the flight tests, Puissance Plus develops power system of all on-board instrumentation.
The objective is to take power from the aircraft on the different available sources:

  • Engine alternators
  • APU
  • Park plugs

As part of this project, Puissance Plus develops qualified aeronautical equipment:

  • Power multiplexers
  • Specific embedded 30kVA processors
  • 115V/400Hz frequency changers
  • Rescued 28VDC converters including batteries to provide power for flight recorders
  • Interface control systems hardened to system management

Power test and converters for Space


For onboard energy conversion, Puissance Plus has been able to adapt to Space and its special requirements:

  • Climate
  • Electrical
  • Electromagnetic
  • Vibration...

Research and development

Puissance Plus proposes specific solutions or standard products which can simulate or test generators, converters, network consumers, and energy storage elements which are integrated in a satellite:

  • Photovoltaic energy simulation
  • Converters and inverters test benches
  • Batteries test benches
  • Simulation of DC network
  • Load benches
  • Cables and connectors test