New power sources

In recent years, the aim of replacing and finding alternatives to fossil fuels and reduce electricity consumption encourages the academic and industrial research to find new solutions:

  • Alternative energy (fuelle cell, solar, wind and tidal powers...)
  • To reduce energy consumption of electrical equipment
  • Energy storage

Specific development

Expert in power electronics and energy conversion, Puissance Plus designs high-range equipment for testing, measurements, high accuracy simulation, meeting the R&D laboratories high requirements:

  • Power transisotrs test (IGBT, MOS)
  • Silicon Carbide components test (SiC)
  • GaN components test
  • Converters test (AC, DC, reversible, regenerative systems...)
  • Medium frequency transformers test
  • Cables and connectors test
  • Motors and simulation test
  • Electrical generation simulation (solar panels, wind turbines...)
  • Smart Grid simulation

SiC test bench

We realize, for research projects, test benches for SiC active current limiter components.

These projects are to design one of the technological blocks of a future energy more electric aircraft converter. This technological brick is a function of current and voltage limiting based on JFET components made in silicon carbide (SiC).

This function is essential for the good functioning of DC/DC converter DC in the heart of the new architecture of the more electric aircraft. It ensures the reliability of the converter because it limits the effects of overcurrent or overvoltage which may damage or destroy the converter.

Test bench definition

The demonstrator is a device that allows the realization of real tests, the issue being the characterization of the welfare system and verifying the achievement of expected performance.

Test bench design

The demonstrator is composed of various sub-assemblies, functions of which are clearly defined:

Aircraf network simulator

This a voltage source perfectly representing aircraft HVDC power network, including residual voltage simulation and the ability to provide overload (short circuit simulation). The output impedance is adjusted to reproduce the most critical cases.

Aircraf load simulator

This is a variable harmonic load (DC at 150 kHz) with a short-circuit mode (transition from 270V to within 1 second).
This charge can reproduce the different current profiles observed in the aircraft network and implement of a short-circuit failure.

Current sensor and voltage measurements

Large broadband current sensor (DC – 150 kHz) alllows to realize high accuracy current measurements on a frequency range  compatible avec celle que l’on trouve sur le réseau avion.

Acquisition logger

Allows to record voltage and current waveforms during critical phases of protection implementation, calculate the power really viewed by the protection component and deduce the applied constraints (temperature...)