Puissance Plus offers various solutions in power electronics and energy conversion dedicated to the railway industry for R&D applications, production and embedded systems.

Test benches

We develop a complete range of automatic test benches for:

  • Breakers and relays tests
  • Traction transformers tests
  • Motors, alternators and rotative machines simulation and tests
  • DC, AC networks real-time simulation
  • Batteries test and simulation
  • Converters tests
  • Power semi-conductors tests

We can test and simulate all the electric traction chain up to the engine.

Customized and standard products

With our twenty years of experience, we have developed a range of products in order to ensure high performance:

  • AC, AC+DC programmable source
  • DC programmable power supply
  • Current source
  • Electronic load
  • Power amplifier
  • Simulation of a railway line impendance

Embedded inverters and converters

We propose study, design and manufacture of embedded systems in power electronics and energy conversion, in small and medium series.