PUISSANCE+ Grid” is a modern means of investigation and integration able to anticipate and prepare evolution of distribution networks and development of intelligent smart grids. This test network is representative of a public supply of electricity and is equipped with a 4 quadrants 10 to 720kVA  Power Amplifier.

PUISSANCE+ Grid” role is to restore either a connection point to a BT 3x400 grid (voltage mode), either a load or an electrical power generation connected to a low voltage 3x400VRMS (current mode)

PHIL and real-time systems

A coupling to a real-time simulator is possible. The aim is to produce hybrid simulations also called Power Hardware In the Loop (HIL Power).

This equipment allows to study reliability, efficiency, performance and stability of a power network, tabilité d'un réseau de puissance, a micro grid, a smart grid or a supergrid, also renewable energy sources.

Our systems can simulate and test an electrical network  but also make more complex simulations such as:

  • Fast electromagnetic transients
  • Disturbances
  • Phase stability
  • Electric protections tests

Controlled voltage generator

In voltage mode, “PUISSANCE+ Grid” behaves as a voltage generator with perturbations (voltage and frequency variations, harmonics, voltage dips, imbalances, flickers). On output, it generates voltages directly proportional to its control inputs.

Controlled current generator

In current mode, “PUISSANCE+ Grid” behaves as a current generator. It generates, on output, currents which are directly proportional to its control inputs. It simulates variable loads, active or not, and autonomous power generators.