Solar panels simulation

As part of research and development of solar energy, Puissance Plus has developed photovoltaic energy simulators (from 1000W up to more than 1MW) generating U / I curves of high accuracy, high dynamic range and high stability according to EN 5030 standard. We can simulate according to different criteria:

  • The movement of the sun during a day
  • Temperature differences
  • Clouds movement
  • Shadows from obstructionss (ex: fireplace)
  • ...

Photovoltaic converters tests

Our experience and our standard equipment allow us to provide automated testing solutions for converters on grid and off grid and characterize their performance according to different MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking). Our test benches can test in real time convertors dedicated to individuals but also for very high powers (photovoltaic farm). They are composed of: 

  • DC programmable power supplies for photovoltaic panel simulation
  • AC+DC loads for the simulation of town, battery, building consumption
  • AC power supply for the simulation of On Grid converters network
  • Power analyzer for power and effeciency measurements
  • 4 quadrants solar amplifiers